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[title_row header=“Image / gallery / slider“] [row header=“images“] [third_column] [img src=“×150.jpg“ align=“center“ width=“200″ height=“200″] [/third_column] [third_column] [img frame=“1″ src=“×150.jpg“ align=“center“ link=“#“ width=“200″ height=“200″] [/third_column] [third_column] [img frame=“1″ hover=“yes“ src=“×150.jpg“ align=“right“ link=“#“ width=“200″ height=“200″] [/third_column] [/row] [row] [third_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[[img width=“200″ height=“200″
src=“…“ align=“center“]]] [/sourcecode] [/third_column] [third_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[[img width=“200″ height=“200″
src=“…“ align=“center“
link=“#“ frame=“1″]]] [/sourcecode] [/third_column] [third_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[[img width=“200″ height=“200″
src=“…“ align=“right“
link=“#“ frame=“1″ hover=“yes“]]] [/sourcecode] [/third_column] [/row] [row] [full_column]
  • frame : 0; 1; – frame around the image (no frame or frame with styled corners)
  • hover : yes; no; – show hover effect?
  • src – image source
  • alt (optional) – alternate text
  • width – image width
  • height – image height
  • align : default; left; center; right; – image align inside container (default sets no special align)
  • link (optional) – creates link with specified url around the image
[/full_column] [/row] [row header=“Large slider“] [full_column] [slider] [slider_item link=“#“ title=“Slider title 1″ desc=“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit“ buttonheader=“Show“ imgsrc=““] [slider_item link=“#“ title=“Slider title 2″ desc=“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt“ buttonheader=“Show“ imgsrc=““] [/slider] [/full_column] [/row] [row] [three_quarters_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[[slider] [slider_item link=“#“ title=“Slider title 1″ desc=“Lorem ipsum…“ buttonheader=“Show“ imgsrc=“…“] [slider_item link=“#“ title=“Slider title 2″ desc=“Lorem ipsum…“ buttonheader=“Show“ imgsrc=“…“] [/slider]]] [/sourcecode] [/three_quarters_column] [quarter_column]
[[[slider_item]]] parameters
  • link (optional) – slide link
  • title (optional) – slide title
  • desc (optional) – short description text
  • buttonheader (optional) – button label
  • imgsrc – image source
[/quarter_column] [/row] [row header=“Logo slider“] [full_column] [logo_slider] [logo_slider_item link=“#“ imgsrc=“×91.png“] [logo_slider_item link=“#“ imgsrc=““] [/logo_slider] [/full_column] [/row] [row] [five_twelfth_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[[logo_slider] [logo_slider_item link=“#“ imgsrc=“…“] [logo_slider_item link=“#“ imgsrc=“…“] [/logo_slider]]] [/sourcecode] [/five_twelfth_column] [one_twelfth_column][/one_twelfth_column] [half_column]
[[[logo_slider_item]]] parameters
  • link (optional) – logo link
  • imgsrc – image source
  • imgwidth – image width
  • imgheight – image height
[/half_column] [/row] [row header=“Mini-gallery“] [two_thirds_column] [/two_thirds_column] [third_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[gallery] [gallery_item link=“#“ src=“…“] …
[gallery_item link=“#“ src=“…“] [/gallery]] [/sourcecode]
[[[gallery_item]]] parameters
  • link (optional) – image link
  • src – image source
[/third_column] [/row]

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