[title_row header=“Video“] [row header=“Youtube“] [half_column] [/half_column] [half_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[video type="youtube" clipid="6kw1UVovByw"]] [/sourcecode]
  • type : youtube; vimeo; dailymotion; flash;
  • clipid – Used for Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion
  • src – Used only for flash movies
  • width – video frame width
  • height – video frame height
[/half_column] [/row] [row header=“Vimeo“] [half_column] [/half_column] [half_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[video type="vimeo" clipid="9335203"]] [/sourcecode] [/half_column] [/row] [row header=“Dailymotion“] [half_column] [/half_column] [half_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[video type="dailymotion" clipid="xf3fk2"]] [/sourcecode] [/half_column] [/row] [row header=“Flash“] [half_column] [/half_column] [half_column] [sourcecode language=“html“] [[video type="flash" src=""]] [/sourcecode] [/half_column] [/row]

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